EU-Japan Advanced Multidiciplinary Master Studies

EU-Japan Advanced Multidiciplinary Master Studies


Double Degree MA Programme

Partner: Kobe University




This programme is suitable for students seeking comprehensive training as experts in the contemporary challenges and realities facing Europe and Japan. It envisions fostering multidisciplinary competence by focusing on understanding the comparative perspectives of EU-Japan relations through studying for double master degrees from both regions after completing at least a full academic year of study. The curriculum enables exchange students from the EU and Japan to conduct a comprehensive and structural analysis of the EU and Japan from a multidisciplinary perspective, e.g., historical, political, legal, economic, sociological, cultural, anthropological, philosophical and sociocultural. In addition to its focus on the EU and Japan and their interactions, EU-JAMM offers local language and culture courses as well as internship opportunities for students. In this way Japanese students will become ‘EU experts' with a deeper understanding of the EU as well as its cultural composition. European students, meanwhile, specialise in Japan's global role from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

Students will spend one year at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow following the second-cycle programme which leads to the MA degree in the field of European Studies and one year at Kobe University, following the programme of MA in Political Science.


  • EU Studies Specialisation - this track focuses on the European Union, its institutions and functions, as well as the key issues facing it in contemporary times.
  • Central and Eastern European Studies Specialisation – this specialization provides CES students with a unique academic skill set, which helps identify the situated characteris-tics of the region and its relationship to the European Union.
  • Europeanisation and Governance in Central and Eastern Europe Specialisation – builds an understanding of the processes of Europeanisation and democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as integration mechanisms.

programme duration: two years (4 semesters)

Scholarships: A scholarship is available for one student. 

Depending on each of the involved universities, students possessing EU citizenship or who were residents of EU country for minimum 3 years can apply for two types of scholarships if they are following one of the above-mentioned DDP in the framework EU - JAMM:

  • "EU - JAMM scholarship" awards students with a grant of 1,000 euro per month over a period of 10 months and mobility subsidies


suitable for: This programme is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in European and Japanese affairs, policy-making, European and Japanese institutions and lobby groups as well as national and local governmental organizations, public service institutions, non-governmental organizations, political, cultural and social institutions. Alumni may be engaged in diplomacy, private companies or work as journalists.

non-EU citizens - 7600 EUR for the 2014/2015 academic year
EU citizens - 5400 EUR for the 2014/2015 academic year