Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Euroculture

Europe in the Wider World


A full-time interdisciplinary and transnational Master programme. Students study in at least two universities in the consortium, from which they obtain a Joint Degree. The focus of the programme is on cultural and social developments in Europe, its heritage and identity as well as values, citizenship and cultural relations. It stands out from other European Studies programmes by its approach in which the citizen - instead of structures and models - is the central point of focus and reflection.
Euroculture aims to prepare graduates for professions and research areas in which knowledge of contemporary Europe and European Union institutions are of relevance such as diplomats, bureaucrats, project managers, journalists and cultural consultants.

study tracks (chosen by students in the third semester):

  • Internship Track - students are aided by the consortium to find an appropriate internship which links theoretical knowledge, skills and understanding with practical experience.
  • Research Track - it is meant to deepen the student's theoretical knowledge, skills and understanding, preferably relates to the student's MA thesis topic. It can take place at either the home university or a third country partner university.  

programme duration: two years (4 semesters)  

suitable for: Students interested in the study of modern European culture and society in the context of European integration and in developing a unique insight into European identity building processes, as well as the skills to facilitate collaboration in trans-national, multi-disciplinary networks. Students gain prospective career paths in European-wide and EU related civil service, policy making positions, cultural management, journalism and international business amongst others. This set of skills, knowledge and understanding is a particularly important asset to have in the current, complex new era of globalisation and at a time of Europe's movement towards a closer social, political and economic integration.

ECTS: 120


EU & EFTA country students:
4000 EUR per annum - full tuition
3000 EUR per annum - tuition with waiver* (including insurance)
2550 EUR per annum - tuition with waiver* (without insurance)
* waiver may vary each academic year

non-EU (Third Country) students
8000 EUR per annum - full tuition (including insurance)

The Euroculture programme offers Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to highly qualified non-European and European students (Category A and B), which covers full tuition fees and allots a monthly allowance for living expenses, as well as initial travel and settlement costs. For more information, please visit "Grants" section on our website: