Master of Arts in Transatlantic Studies


Comprehensive, full- time interdisciplinary graduate programme taught entirely in English, it focuses on various aspects of evolving transatlantic relations from the perspectives of Political Science, International Relations, Cultural Studies, and History. During the four semesters students are obliged to take compulsory core courses and optional courses from two modules: Social Sciences and Humanities.
Graduates from the program are equipped with broad knowledge base suitable for a pursuit of diverse occupations. What is more numerous qualities highly valued in the world of work are developed in the course of the programme. These include: problem-solving skills; the ability to conduct independent research and analyze information; boosting written and verbal skills in discussions, debates, seminars and essays; better understanding of the complexity of contemporary world politics and cultural issues.  

programme duration: two years (4 semesters)

suitable for: The program is directed at foreign and Polish students who would like to study or work within the fields of culture and political analysis in either governmental or non-governmental organizations, and in international institutions. The degree will also meet students' needs if they have a more general interest in political and cultural aspects of transatlantic relations.

ECTS: 120

non-EU citizens - 5000 EUR for the 2013/2014 academic year
EU citizens - 4000 EUR for the whole programme